Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lead

Full Time
India, Mumbai
Posted 2 years ago

Job Responsibilities :
To help designing, innovating and building our next generation ML architecture
6-8 years of full time programming experience within an operations or technical department.
Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes
Undertake pre processing of structured and unstructured data
Analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns
Build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms
Combine models through ensemble modelling
Present information using data visualization techniques
Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges
Collaborate with engineering and product development teams
Teach and mentor others in the use of AI/Machine Learning

Keyskills :

Programming, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Analytics, Product engineering, Requirement gathering, Problem formulation, quick POCs

Must Have :

Experience in data mining
Strong math skills (e.g. statistics, algebra)
Strong programming skills in: R, Python and familiarity with Java, Scala, C++

DB/NoSql – MongoDB, Neo4J, MySql. Cassandra, DynamoDB, Redshift
Experience on Hadoop Map reduce, Pig, Hive, Mahout and Apache Spark, H20
Strong experience in Data warehousing, ETL, BI (e.g. Tableau, Power BI) and Data Visualization tools (matplotlib, D3.js, Plotly.js, Shiny etc)
Experience in neural networks, regression, classification and clustering
Think big & scale

Good to have :

Experience with Deep Learning tools – Tensorflow, Theano, Caffe etc.
Elastic Search, NLP background and Machine Learning Platforms
Experienced in deployment of High performance, Scalable Big Data Hadoop clusters and Web applications on cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, Bluemix etc)

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